What makes First Mint unique?

What makes First Mint unique?

As a wholly owned subsidiary of First Majestic First Mint will allow First Majestic to be the only mining company in the world to offer the silver it produces in the form of bullion. There are other mining companies that do sell silver, but it’s not the silver they actually mine.

The silver mined by First Majestic is turned into 95% pure doré bars which are then refined into .999+ silver for First Mint to create product with. Many other mining companies produce concentrate silver, which is usually shipped overseas for smelting and not economically viable to use for producing product as the shipping costs to and from overseas is significantly more than having a third party manufacture product with silver available on the market.

Many other mints are owned by governments or private individuals, as a wholly owned subsidiary of a public company it is possible for shareholders to own a stake in the mint producing for them.

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